In the spring of 2013, a group of World Christians from Northwest Arkansas realized the value of gathering together on a regular basis to network, encourage and pray with one another regarding God's global work to bring Himself glory from every tongue, tribe and nation.


We are a unified group of believers, passionate about the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, who seek ways to work together to bring glory to God through reaching every ethne.  Since Northwest Arkansas is home to many missional churches, mission agencies and a number of excellent educational Institutions, we recognize the strategic importance for the missions community to come together and see how the Lord might guide our efforts more effectively.


Missions Pastors, Mission leaders/lay persons involved in cross-cultural ministry, Missionaries and Mission Agency Reps are encouraged and welcome to attend the monthly network gathering and to join the NWA Mobilizers.  

MEMBERSHIP:  There is no cost to be a member of the NWA Mobilizers.  


  • MONTHLY NETWORK GATHERING - Join us for fellowship, giving and receiving encouragement, praying together, and learning from others regarding crossing cultures and mobilizing more effectively.  
  • E-MAIL FORUM - Participate in an email forum where members can ask questions, dialogue about issues related to glocal missions and post announcements. Subscribe at: [coming soon]  
  • WEB-SITE - Look up resources, up-coming events, local cross cultural mission opportunities, mobilization helps, training opportunities, local organizations and missions-related info from the Northwest Arkansas area.  Find us on the web at: www.nwamobilizers.org  


NETWORKING - We value the relationships formed by coming together and interacting with each other.  We often see that the Lord uses our time together to develop long-term relationships that He uses for His glory.

PRAYER - We value the power of prayer in the advancement of God’s kingdom and we spend time in prayer for the diverse tongues, tribes and nations that we are connected to and for the gospel to go forward around the world.  

INFORMING - We value informing each other about what God is doing in the Northwest Arkansas and around the world.  We accomplish this through:  

  • Guest speakers at the monthly network gatherings.
  • General announcements & news at the monthly network gathering or via the Facebook Page and Group www.facebook.com/nwamobilizers

ENCOURAGING - We value our fellowship, guest speakers and prayer time as an effective means of encouraging one another in our kingdom endeavors.  

WORKING TOGETHER - We value working together as the Lord allows us to recognize common ministries and strategies.  We promote the Perspectives Study Program, the Encountering the World of Islam course, the Hindu-Christian Interface and we promote other cross-cultural missions related events in the Northwest Arkansas. 

WE MEET ON THE FIRST THURSDAY OF MOST MONTHS FROM 11:30 UNTIL 1:00 PM. We are currently meeting at The Grove Church - 2223 N. College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703.

The meeting space is located on the North side of Mermaids. Please park only on the North side within the gated part of the parking lot. Enter the door that says Roots Youth Ministry.