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Perfect kickoff for Global Outfitters!

That’s how one person put it who attended The Northwest Arkansas Christ Institute led by David Bryant.  We couldn’t agree more.  Before we rally people to the global PURPOSE of Christ, we want to ensure that every World Christian in Northwest Arkansas is first and foremost zealous (and jealous!) for the PERSON of Christ.  What better way to “brand” the name of Jesus Christ on our hearts and over everything we do in the future at Global Outfitters than to be saturated and inundated with over a dozen hours on who Christ is to us, for us, over us, among us, before us,within us, through us, and upon us.  The expression, “drinking out of a fire hydrant” doesn’t do it justice.  It was more like “taking a shower under Niagara Falls!”

Other participants responded:

Many of the ideas we discussed have already changed my teaching plans and personal prayer life.  It's crazy how easy it is in the church to push Jesus to the side.  I'm trying to change the conversation.

It sticks with you...I have had other worthwhile trainings that seem to have faded like the face of Moses but these ideas seem to make the light brighter as I reflect on all that I've learned.

Mission accomplished!  We’re grateful to David for investing this time with us and for each of the 50+ leaders in the Northwest Arkansas who carved the 48 hours out of their busy schedules to participate.  The Christ Institute truly helped us CHRISTen the GO Center with a consequential Christology.

For the love of His Name among all nations,

Matt Burns, for The Global Outfitters Team

Matt Burns (left) next to David Bryant, during a reading at The Christ Institute conference.

Matt Burns (left) next to David Bryant, during a reading at The Christ Institute conference.