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Ken & Tanja Shackelford have been involved full-time in global work for many years - as workers on the field in Central Asia and as global mobilizers, caregivers and trainers.  Ken is currently Co-Director for Global Outfitters and Tanja works part-time with the Joshua Center as a "prayer counselor".  They are currently preparing to return to the field, Albania, in August of this year with their four children.

THE JOSHUA CENTER - Practical Missionary Care 

  • led by Ken & Tanja Shackelford
  • Monday Evenings: 5:30 - 7:30pm, April 8 - 29, 2013

SESSION 1 - APRIL 8:  The Heart and the Experience

  • The Story of God’s Heart:  You Must Be Connected to Care (Biblical Basis for Missions)
  • The Missionary Experience:  “Beggars, Salesmen, Celebrities, Loners & Propagandists”

SESSION 2 - APRIL15:  Expectations, Reality, and Burn-out

  • Great Expectations:  Six Sources of Expectations for a Missionary
  • Reality Hits - the Relationship Between Expectations & Burn-out

SESSION 3:  There and Back Again

  • Spiritual Warfare and the Importance of Intercessory Prayer
  • Re-entry: Challenges of returning to your “home culture” & “3rd Culture” kids

SESSION 4:  Sent in a Manner Worthy of the Name

  • Present Reality & Future Vision:  Panel Discussion with our Global Outfitters Team (Lee & Ruth Epstein, Marina Bromley, Karen Mason, Kyle Garen, Matt Burns)
  • Team Dynamics & Issues:  There’s no “i” in TEAM (but there’s more than one in Missionary!!)